For almost 20 years I have been an absolutely passionate athlete, student and preacher of the training principles required to achieving your potential at triathlon. Now I am excited to announce that I am now offering coaching to share my know and help you achieve your potential. If interested, contact me via the form here or directly at

Coaching Includes the following ($60 per week)

  • Initial Consultation
  • Weekly swim/bike/run detailed plan including intensity, duration, power, pace, cadence heart rate, technique & effort all of which customised to your
    • Target races and goals
    • Strengths/weaknesses
    • Sport History
    • Injury/Illness History
    • Outside commitments (Family/Work/training groups/Other etc)
  • Training race/nutrition advice
  • Race Plan Strategy
  • Post Race Review
  • Specific course tips
  • Opportunities to train with me
  • unlimited email/text/phone contact throughout plan

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